A message from Carey-

I have been working in the field of Developmental Disabilities for the last 35 years. I have been working in the capacity of a behavior specialist for the last 30 years. The last 20 years I have also been Clinical Manager of an agency in Fairfield County serving adults with residential, vocational and recreational services.I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education and another Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. In addition, over the years I have attended numerous conferences and completed additional trainings, the most extensive being the intensive two weeks Summer Institute of IABA (Institute of Applied Behavior Analysis) in Los Angeles California.
What is most important to know about me is the passion I have regarding improving the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities. Though the principles of applied behavior analysis are extremely important, the choices, social relationships, opportunities for hobby development, access to recreation, and being in valued roles must also be part of any analysis of the causes of challenging behavior. My particular area of interest is in assisting an individual to develop the social and behavioral skills that are required to take fullest advantage of quality of life enhancements. I try whenever possible to provide clinical behavioral services not only through specific programmatic strategies, but also through small group opportunities for the individual to practice new skills in real and naturally motivating situations.
I would be happy to provide references upon request and look forward to further my service to others.